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i believe DGs was hard, and it was HardCore raiding, but not that much, the hardest fight in the encounter should be the last one, in a long Ops like SaV, if you give me last 2 just as hard as NiM Dg even harder, and the rest "hard" like DG after nerf, then thats what everyone wants... 5 bosses to kill, that will take few days, maybe 1 week, then 2 fights that should take 1-2-3 weeks each, because you need both "great performance" plus the 5-10 pieces of loot from the other 5 bosses are useful after wiping for 1-2-3 weeks, on each boss...

now making the 2nd fight the hardest is stupid, just made whiners avoid, others gave excuses, for a content that 3 guilds killed before 1st week -.-.... you need at least to give people 4-5 bosses to "work hard" in maybe 7-10 days to complete, then the last 2 being *********** insane that only the best can clear withing 4-5 weeks... the good guilds will take 6 weeks to clear (more gear)... the awesome guilds will take 3-4 weeks for loot as well... the best guild will take 2 weeks because they are so good they will overcome the lack of gear.

that was WoW theory back in the day, and its the only thing i agree with WoW, that would help all this QQ and whine about hard content in swtor for once, also remove stupid lockout from HM / NiM it cant be more pointless, not only is gear lost, but its open to exploits / skipping as well as its 1 less difficulty / raid to do for each person/char = less time to play the game,

if i had nim for progress, hm for gearing alts, and sm to help other people, i would be playing all day on all my alts, but i dont know why bioware doesnt get this and give us dailys and CM useless thing that most raiders dont care about, dailys doesnt make the game funnier, it just force raiders to do them to have money for consumable / gear / repairs.
i agree somewhat.

hasrdest boss should be the last or last 2 so that guilds can spend a few weeks farming the earlier bosses for gear that theyll need to overcome the last encounter
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