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Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Things happen.

Please note this saying I found a few decades ago :
"Your [weirdest] imagination is only succeeded by Reality". (Sorry for the grammar, since English isn't my 1st language.)
Since then, I'm not amazed anymore. Everything can happen, and that's a fact.

You just expect too much from people, imho.

Most Newbies don't even KNOW that there's a Kodex - because accessing that isn't easy.

A tab at the BOTTOM of the MISSION LOG and then in DARK GREY colour, just so that it shouldn't be noticed at all ???

A pure design failure, in my opinion.

The Kodex should have its own place in the menu bar. 'Nuff said.
Except of course that every time you get a Codex entry, a box pops up on your screen with a button that says "Open". You don't have to find the Codex, they almost literally shove it in your face.

Not at all arguing that the Codex isn't poorly implemented; it has been and remains to this day my biggest disappointment in this game, because you can see how it would be awesome if it worked properly.

On-Topic, um... There was the time I went to Black Talon(story mode, mind) on my Jugglernaut and got yelled at, for being unable to hold threat, by someone who claimed to have their own Jugg tank. Apparently he'd forgotten that at the level we were you don't have Soresu Form yet, or any high-threat attacks, and just the one taunt. Not that weird, I know. Sorry, I don't pay much attention to what other people are doing in flashpoints. Too busy trying not to screw up and waste people's time.