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Because the Bioan is only useful because the pet does nothing other than let you use Heroic Moment. You don't get anything out of the damage the pet itself provides or the fact that it gives mats for the skill that provides stims, adrenals, and medpacks. Yup, Bioan is *terrible*.

If you can't see the sarcasm dripping off of those words, you obviously have no clue that Bioan is actually part of the *best* crew skill suite at the moment. The Heroic Moment thing with the Bioan pets was a bug. They're not companions. They're temporary pets. The only reason it hadn't been fixed until now was because it (1) it was only something that happened in a leveling FP and (2) the devs likely didn't know about it until people started talking about it *because* it wasn't just a starting FP thing.
You make such brilliant posts...but you should read posts as well Kitru. This was placed in the Op/fp section. The pets -are- useless in FPs, besides heroic moments. This is -not- the crew skill section. If I post the same thing in the crew skill section, you can go ahead and continue insulting me.

The damage it provides is negligible, not worth noting. It's -literally- not worth my time to get them for the amount of damage it does.

So yes, it is terrible. It provides nothing worth using in Flashpoints. Where as a few give short cuts...,which are more usable. Except in Hammerstation. Unless you're skipping the bonus boss, then it is useful.
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