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Because of this.

Like I said, if there wasn't a Shadow fix coming in 2.3 or sooner, I was gonna quit the game. Since there's nothing in there about class fixes, I'm sad to say that I'm following through on it. The game just stopped being fun when I could be RNG gibbed because of bad content design and only got worse when the developers refused to do anything about it, much less do anything to admit that it might be a problem.

The community here was awesome. I loved the math, the camaraderie, and the discussions, but, at the end of the day, I played the game because it was fun. For those of you sticking it out, I applaud you and hope that, eventually, the devs decide that they actually need to balance PvE and respond to the PvE community rather than ignoring it. Maybe you guys will see me around somewhere else.

If something changes, I might come back, but, honestly, I doubt it. We did almost every conceivable thing that *could* have been done to elicit change, and it fell on deaf ears.

I'm sad to go, but, honestly, it just stopped being fun.
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