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On FRIDAYS, FCD is staffed by KHEM VAL and SCORPIO

BABY ZENITH, carrying his oversized purple plastoid foam suction dart rifle, sidles in the door and takes up a tactical position a few steps away from BABY JAESA.
BABY JAESA: Whatcha doing?
BABY ZENITH, scowling: Hm. Seen you around. You can't decide what side's right.
BABY JAESA: Decisions are scary. Until you've gotten started, anyway.
BABY ZENITH: It's like this. The fighting won't stop until every last Imperial is dead.
BABY ZENITH pauses to think about it.
BABY ZENITH: Or suction darted a lot.
KHEM VAL and SCORPIO stand off to one side.
KHEM VAL: Policy says we should confiscate his weapon, but I like that he burns with a hatred like Tulak Hord.
SCORPIO: Teeseven is not here. We can observe.
BABY VECTOR, by the toybox: Jaesa, you do not have to listen to Zenith. He is a very angry child.
BABY ZENITH: Angry because of the Empire. Your fault.
BABY VECTOR: We have never wronged you. - Um, wait a moment.
BABY VECTOR seems to space out for a few seconds.
BABY VECTOR: There, we checked. We and the nest have done nothing to you.
BABY ZENITH: Maybe. But I'm with the Republic. We don't let our losses go unavenged.
BABY VECTOR: We are with the Empire. But we know how to seek constructive solutions.
BABY ZENITH, to his audience BABY JAESA: Vector's a liar and I heard he kicks small animals for fun.
KHEM VAL, to SCORPIO: That would make him much more interesting.
BABY VECTOR: Zenith is tragically misguided, and we pity him.
BABY JAESA: I'm not sure what to do with this.
BABY VECTOR: We implore you, choose the light side. It puts much less wear and tear on the...well, the everything.
BABY ZENITH: Don't care much about light side or dark side. But if you're not fighting Imps you're stupid.
BABY JAESA: Hey, no need for name-calling. Meanie.
BABY JAESA crawls over and starts building a block house with BABY VECTOR.
BABY ZENITH: So be it.
BABY ZENITH takes aim and fires at BABY JAESA. She Force swats the foam suction dart aside.
BABY JAESA: I'll protect Vector, too. He's nice.
BABY TEMPLE, who has been watching with interest: Ha! Victory, Dark Side!
BABY ZENITH: Hmph. Might as well be.

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