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06.28.2013 , 09:56 AM | #378
Hammer Station HM, we reach those two turrets near timed bridge, marauder marks one for CC, so I start the pull by leaping on the unmarked one. Then marauder just jumps to the turret he CCed and breaks his own CC. So I grab aggro of two turrets, while the operative CCes the unmarked one.... Marauder then switches targets and breaks CC once again. Luckily I'm well geared, and healer is decent, so I was able to keep aggro of those two turrets.

Didn't bother with asking for explanation, as we were near final boss, but it still was funny. Especially as he CCed droids before and didn't jump on them.

Also, I should mention some marauders dying at Cademinu, when merc or sorc pushes mobs out of the map, while marauder leaps at those mob. First you see disappearing mob, then marauder learns to fly. It's so common though nowadays