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Now as I am heading into the class stories, a few things to clear up. For the most part, I will follow along with the class stories, taking parts of conversations here and there. There will be times that I go into more detail with the class stories, but it will usually be my personal take on it as how I see that particular character react to it. Sometimes, a part of the class story will get a brief mention and nothing more. Many times, the sisters will be together and I hope that isn't an issue with people, but this is a ensemble piece so it is going to happen...quite a bit! Anyways, I felt I should get that out in the open, and now to begin Bella and Mallay's shenanigans on Ord Mantell.

Part 2: Misadventures on Ord Mantell
**Spoiler Alert: Please note, these installments will contain spoilers for both the smuggler and trooper storyline as well as some Ord Mantell missions. I will not post this warning every time!

This chapter is cross posted from the Short Fic Challenge thread. As with other cross postings, I will try to clean up any typos, but it will be pretty much the same as it originally was.

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