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Why bother? Lol... Show some SS of you being at cap with PvE gear on...

Expertise isn't the only thing that matters in PVP either. What is you HP? My guess around 24K.... If you are a casual, fine, but if you actually want to have the best performance you need PVP gear...
This... People are saying bolster is too complicated but really it looks like part of the community isn't too bright and actually having to think about secondary stats, main stats and expertise is just too much work. They are getting close to having it all sorted out, it will be PvP gear > PvE gear and you can trade in certain PvE piece to augment secondary stats at am expertise and like endurance trade off.

Now maybe they could make a bolster stats screen or something so you don't have to enter a WZ to see how it is altering your stats but right now just join a WZ and switch pieces around as many have done in this thread. Have a good weekend everyone!