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Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Things happen.

Please note this saying I found a few decades ago :
"Your [weirdest] imagination is only succeeded by Reality". (Sorry for the grammar, since English isn't my 1st language.)
Since then, I'm not amazed anymore. Everything can happen, and that's a fact.

You just expect too much from people, imho.

Most Newbies don't even KNOW that there's a Kodex - because accessing that isn't easy.

A tab at the BOTTOM of the MISSION LOG and then in DARK GREY colour, just so that it shouldn't be noticed at all ???

A pure design failure, in my opinion.

The Kodex should have its own place in the menu bar. 'Nuff said.
as already mentioned, main stat is posted in our faces many times during loading screen.
There is also tutorial each time you start a character.. I know, we are all pro and disable it first time it apears, but that is not dev's fault.
Sure, they could force us blocking whole screen and posting basic info in our face every week after reset 'your main stat is <stat>, you are speeced as <tank/healer/dps>, expertiese is doing <insert some text here>',
but hell, that would be annoying...

problem is, when you have PT dps, qued as tank, with might stim, telling you to shut up cause rocket punch is mele.
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