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06.28.2013 , 01:14 AM | #27
Sorry, I've played warrior, inquisitor, agent, knight and at the moment playing smuggler who's now lvl37.Corso is my MOST HATED companion AND romance to date (incl all bioware games I played). His benevolent sexism and constant white knighting is growing more and more irritating. There's nothing charming about it. Despite how he always says he "respect" women, I feel no respect at all because in his mind, tough and independent as my smuggler and Risha are, they still need men's protection because their gender not who they are. And his jealousy comments are getting creepy since my smuggler told him she changed her mind( I heard that he gets jealous even if you don't flirt with him! eww). I know some players love him, I just don't understand his appeal, and I'm a woman.