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This thread makes me lol

umm, to the op. The current fight is more like what we wanted, the pre-nerf version was a pure guild destroyer.

The fight, as its currently tuned, is still miles past what the "casual" guild may expect to clear. Yes it no longer requires your dps to all be putting up some of the best numbers in the world, but it still requires amazing dps from all 4 dps.

From what I've seen with a few glances between phases, I'm putting up close to 4500 effective heals per second towards the end of phase 1 and still need to sustain over 3300 for the rest of the fight (it's easily repeated once you know how and when the damage goes out)
The tanks basically have to be flawless or the healers are gonna be going even more crazy.
That being said, the fight is as perfect as it will ever be IMO. If they bump up the damage anymore heals are gonna be tight, right now they're just constant(how they should be). If they take away dps down time the enrage will seem non existent. I cant say what they should or should not do for tanks, I don't even know what they are doing half the time, I just know that they are taking a lot of damage in phases 1 and 2.

My guild only has 8% more of Kelsaras hp to get down, damn I cant wait to join the few.

BTW! This is all from a guy in a guild who hasn't skipped for the loot.
You kind of aren't joining "the few" though. When listing accomplishments, most guilds will mention that they beat Boss X "pre-nerf".