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While I agree with that, you must also consider that increasing skills isn't about "like". If you can't do enough damage, or prevent enough, or heal enough etc then you are kind of screwed. If they left everything the way it is but reduced the price of training by half it would be great.

I've always felt that increasing ones abilities should not be that costly. Charge whatever you want for fluff stuff though. I'm fine with the guy next to me having a very nice looking speeder. I'm not fine with him being able to do better because he had more money, not because of timing/skill usage that kind of thing.
The only important point in this whole thread IMHO.
An economy is never stagnant unless you have a major depression which really can't happen in an MMO. Things will change. Slicing might be the hot go to gathering skill now. But the need to retrain and then power level once you hit the cap, puts you at a disadvantage. You can buy mats instead of gathering them but guess what? The demand and less gathers on the low end mats will drive up the prices, and bye bye all your slicing money. Or you gather the mats, but wait that'll take time. By the time you can make a profitable item, it's worth will be depressed because it's been available for a while.
As far as I'm concerned as long as I can get a mount and the skill needed at each mount level, gear that will let me do my part in quests and raids, etc. And can afford all my class/ship abilities then I don't care about how much credits some one else has. They can buy all the vanity pets, cloths, rides, and what have you they want.
If on the other hand having extra credits gives a player an advantage in actual game play? Then sure I'll be p@ssed. So far I don't see that as a problem, and won't worry till it becomes one.