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If this content level was meant only for those who like crazy difficulty levels than there wouldnt have been a gear incease with it. Just a title/mount reward for completing it under x minutes. Once gear gets involved it needs to be accessible for the less hardcore/better progression groups out there so they are not way behind the gear curve.

Also from a business standpoint I am not sure why you would comit the bulk of your content development to an extremely small percentage of players. I am not even sure 5% of those that are raiding (a much smaller group than those that dont) would have been able to down it at that difficulty level.
I linked this in another thread... but WoW content actually provides some bosses that barely anyone ever sees. Less than 1.5% of all raiding guilds have cleared the hardest content in WoW. You can check out WoW Progress and see the percentages for every raid encounter.

Just because there is better gear doesn't mean that YOU should have it. If you don't want to put forth the effort to obtain it, then you shouldn't have access to it. Its fair. When the thread title says "Catering to the casual", handing you gear you don't deserve pretty much defines that.

Ontop of that, they allow you to access the old BiS gear by doing the easiest mode of new content. It still keeps you up to the competitive level, but requires the extra effort to get the new stuff. You can do the new content with the gear the easier content gives you- if you're not willing to then its not right to devalue our gear just because of it. Most MMOs are about being better than the next guy. All of us want to stand out.
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