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As far as I am concerned, my sub pays for me to play the game, with all the perks I get compared to F2P (which are numerous).

The amount I pay for my sub has not changed since the game started. So I started off paying X amount for Y amount of content.

But we are constantly getting new content. So now I am paying X amount for Y+++ content. Why wouldn't I expect to pay more?

Are you really saying BW should be spending all their time and energy making new content for the same amount of money? When does that happen in life?

You are paying the same amount of money as when the game first came out, but there is way more in there (and not just in the expansion, which we did pay for).

It may be a new concept, but businesses exist to make money and they don't do that by giving stuff away for free. These cubes were just a random fun little addition, like jawagrams. Or do you think you should get all those for free too?

If you didn't want to pay extra money for the datacubes, DON'T BUY THE DATACUBES. What was the problem with that scenario? Your game wouldn't have suffered without the datacubes. But because you and other people are spoiled and entitled, we all miss out. Thanks very much.

Plus, if you didn't want to pay real money, BW made them common enough that they go for about 20k on the GTN. If you are any kind of real player, 20k is nothing. Just buy them that way.

I don't even know where to start with this garbage response.

Do I expect to get stuff for free? No, I pay a sub. I expect to get new content included in that, expansion are an exception. I would not mind if the sub went up a little due to inflation, all things do.

Business have to make money. Duh, that why I pay them a subscription.

You can buy them cheap off the GTN! Yeah but someone still has to buy them with CC so it give them impression that ppl are willing to pay for them. Story content should be included in the price of our sub, expansions are a different matter.

Because of ppl like me ppl like you miss out! Because of ppl like me you won't have to buy story content on the CM. Well atleast not for a little while longer anyway.
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