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Really? Because I don't seem them sending that message.

I see them saying, "We really don't know where the line is. We will push you and push you until you hit the line and attack us. We want to make as much money as possible, but we also don't want to piss off the majority of players who want the game to succeed."

This was the perfect example. 4 little cubes that are the equivalent of a lore item. Something that small received MASSIVE backlash. I doubt we will see them add something like a full questline, FP, WZ, OP or such into the CM. Especially after this.
i'm not so sure you're aware of their development schedule, so i'm going to go ahead and put it here so you can see what they've done since f2p. you may notice that content gets a bit slim as we get closer to present day. while the release of cartel market updates tends to become a bit less frequent, they don't go away like content does.

feel free to repost that.

they know where the line is. jeff hickman said here:
Starting this Fall, there will be two ways to enjoy the game. First, you can continue as a subscriber, which gives you unlimited access to all game features and future Game Updates at no additional charge.
they just don't care anymore. i really don't think they're concerned about pissing off the majority of their players either. they still haven't explained why their server transfers ignore long-time players, ignore NA-EU transfer, and ignore legacies.