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Really? Because I don't seem them sending that message.

I see them saying, "We really don't know where the line is. We will push you and push you until you hit the line and attack us. We want to make as much money as possible, but we also don't want to piss off the majority of players who want the game to succeed."

This was the perfect example. 4 little cubes that are the equivalent of a lore item. Something that small received MASSIVE backlash. I doubt we will see them add something like a full questline, FP, WZ, OP or such into the CM. Especially after this.
Yeah, no. That's not what I hear...I hear "We'll push you and push you and then cross the line, vow not to do it again, but we'll cross another soon after. The human memory is short and we're banking on that".
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