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Key words are "not gameplay impacting" and "(avoiding pay-to-win, etc.)". Eric said those things, and the Eric gets to define them. We could apply what we think those phrases mean, but that ultimately isn't our call to make.

Here's my fear: a new flashpoint, that offers the same gear as other existing flashpoints, may not be considered "gameplay impacting" by the devs.

So a new flashpoint could be offered on the Cartel Market, random packs or straight-up purchase. Anything gotten from that flashpoint can be gotten from another flashpoint, so it's not pay-to-win and it may not be "gameplay impacting".

The new flashpoint may have a new story, but this whole occurrence has just prooved that "story" is now considered something that can be put on the Cartel Market.

If "story" is just considered fluff (since it doesn't affect gameplay), what's to stop future flashpoints or class/companion stories from being Cartel Market exclusive?

I could see there being an issue with Operations because Operations have lockouts and an extra operation would mean more opportunity for gear beyond the TfB/S&V weekly lockouts.

These are just my concerns since all we have to go on are phrases which are open to interpretation. Seems like many people assume that <what is said> means what they want. The past has taught us that with this game (and really whenever dealing with a business) always find the interpretation that lets the business do the least amount of work for the most amount of your money.
Exactly what I was think'in.
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