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Short one today.

On THURSDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and LORD SCOURGE.

BABY QYZEN FESS and YOUNG BOWDAAR are brawling in a flurry of scales, fur, claws, and teeth.
T7-01: Qyzen Fess + Bowdaar = stop fighting
LORD SCOURGE: This is the same request you made yesterday, isn't it?
T7-01: Scourge = correct // Qyzen Fess + Bowdaar = fighting since yesterday
LORD SCOURGE: They were fighting all Tuesday, too.
T7-01: Qyzen Fess + Bowdaar = fighting all Monday as well // Qyzen Fess + Bowdaar = probably still in the same fight
BABY ELARA: Correct, sir. It's terrible. I've been hoping to read them the Riot Act, but, um.
T7-01: Elara = going to say?
BABY ELARA, glumly: We don't have a Riot Act.
LORD SCOURGE snickers.
BABY ELARA, hopefully: Maybe if we ratified one I could read it to them?
T7-01: Riot Act = children stop fighting?
BABY ELARA: But at least we would have some more rules about it.
YOUNG BOWDAAR, somewhat indistinctly, from the fray: SLAAAAAAAAAVE.
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