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Good points all!

In the past we have included raid groups (ie. a group that regularly raids together composed of members from different guilds) and I see no reason not to continue that. In the interest of maintaining some order to the thread however, I don't feel it's in our best interest to list PuG clears. While that makes it more difficult for some guilds to post progression, it also makes it all the more sweeter when you do clear it as a guild run.

As far as 16-man clears, let's not claim a clear unless its a full 16. There are very few 16 man raiding guilds left on our server; let's not cheapen the accomplishments of those that remain. Maybe we'll see some 16-man raid groups form from different guilds, and that is fine as per above.

As for the last point of groups claiming kills when they didn't actually do it; as we've seen in the past, our server does a damn good job of policing itself. I don't envision that being a problem in the future.
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