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06.26.2013 , 04:25 PM | #101
I love how people will post how easy it was for them and how all they had to do was sneeze really hard to kill the boss. If you say this was easy then fine, you are either a liar or got carried.. And it is a waist of time when the end result is surprisingly that much harder than the process.

(Bioware Math Class.....2 Hour algebra exam, last question is calculus and worth 90% of the mark)

Yes, both the Seeker Droid and the Macrobinucular Heroic missions need some serious nerfing. I have tried them both several times and not finished once. I have 5 level 55's that all that still have both missions in the inventory.

Its like the heroics use to be on Voss before the expansion, you need way to much orginazation and experience in a group for something with so little a reward

Heroic 2's would be worth it but not ultra Hard Heroic 4's