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I heard some guilds are doing raids together, but not in one single guild. If they clear top content, who get's credit? Or would there be any credit at all? I've seen pictures where guild X cleared HM S&V but only 6/8 were from guild X, the other 2 being from guild Y. Does that guild still get credit? And can it apply to 16-man raids?

I've also seen on other forums that people would get someone with the achievement, guild them, then they'll get in an ops group, takes a screenshot of the achievement in the instance (or out of it), and claim they killed it. Does it still count (Obviously it doesn't, however few people really check)?

I think we will have to take the word of people in the guild whether they cleared it as a guild run or a pick up group. I am sure for the 16M clears there are not a lot of guilds on this server that could field 16 ppl who could clear the high end content.

With the inclusion of a screenshot after downing the last boss may suffice as you will be able to see who from the guild was in the clearance.
The answer is easy the question is not....oh who am I kidding!!!.