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Hey everyone,

Our plan with the Encrypted Datacubes was simply to see if packs would be another avenue of getting story content in the game. It will always be the Cartel Market teams goal to look for new and interesting things to add into the Cartel Market which are not gameplay impacting (avoiding pay-to-win, etc.). With that being said, we have heard your feedback loud and clear on this and we have no plans to place the Datacubes in the Cartel Market in the future.


I appreciate the honesty in admitting that these cubes were intended to test whether you could get away with adding story content to the list of what you can charge extra for through the CM. The fact that that's what you were doing...yeah, not cool. However, you do get points for listening to the feedback and acting on it, which is something you guys seem to be consistently improving.

This is why feedback is important, people.
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