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while this was true, the solution would have obviously been to create a mk3 set of recruit gear that was better suited to allow new players to be competitive? not to come up with this ridiculousness that is bolster
Oh, I only covered the biggest problem with Recruit Gear.

Then there was the inherent problem of basically giving level 50 starter gear to anyone who hits the level cap. There was no reason to even pick up Tionese except for maybe the set bonus (and it wasn't that hard to collect Columni gear first). And that's not even counting what it does to the crafting economy: again, what reason is there at all to buy level fifty mods when you can just get free gear that's better than anything you can make? And have I even mentioned that War Hero -- which you could buy almost immediately at fifty if you had saved up -- was almost as good as Rakata?

I'm not saying Bolster is perfect but I can see it becoming acceptable after some fine tuning. But the gear-based system we had before was just utterly and horrifically broken. Each new attempt to fix it not only failed but introduced greater problems -- problems that weren't just affecting PvP but unbalanced the whole endgame experience.
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