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30 Seconds was to account for diversity of DPS. Bioware can't fix class balance so they went the direction we recommended.


So... 8man was nerfed and 16man pretty much stays the same. Nice.

The only issue people had was DPS requirements. Now that the requirements are a crap shoot, 16man has been majorly focused on mechanics. Guilds weren't struggling because of DPS but more so the heavy emphasis on mechanics in 16.

16 was definitely not a nerf unless there were guilds dying to enrage. Yeah, a few great attempts early on were to enrage because most groups weren't minmaxing their movements and group precision, but after doing so the 30sec timer added on to 16 doesn't matter.

Regardless, it is still Bioware catering to the complainers. The fight was not impossible and its supposed to be a part of the hardest operation in current content. I understand nerfing something that is completely gamebreaking (H Vizier in HoF?), but nerfing something that many guilds were downing!? Its principle at this point. Is this what we have to expect? They should just tell us tough luck since it is entirely possible and not as crazy as some people were making it out to be. We have what, a dozen total guilds who have cleared it now? Out of like 24 registered guilds? So out of the progression guilds, nearly half (if not half already) have downed it. Sounds like it should be nerfed to me. Just because a guild calls themselves a progression guild doesn't mean they are capable of downing content.
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