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06.25.2013 , 01:08 PM | #26
Another Dread Guard thread eh? sigh...ok I'll jump on haha. This is the 2nd boss, the mechanics are extremely demanding. The only thing that would come close to upsetting me about this nerf is that there are guilds out there that wanted to keep trying with the way it was. Other than that, I have no problem with it and the reason is I don't feel it's going to help our guild all that much. We were gonna start downing it in 2-3 attempts regardless from week to week so adding 30s, maybe that means more 1 shots instead of 2-3, whoopidiedoo.

What it does allow is for some of those guilds that are solid, ones that don't stand in ****, don't taunt the wrong bosses, don't let their tanks die, don't get killed by mark of death, don't get knocked back into red circles.....basically the guilds that don't tunnel, but yet were just falling a lil short cuz they don't have the world's best dps, will now be able to beat it and IMO are just as deserving as the guilds that can power-dps their way through content (like us haha).

The best guilds had 2 weeks to prove their worth, I think 1 or 2 more weeks woulda been nice, but I'm happy with the end hindsight, after seeing how easy it was for us to clear it a 2nd time....I probably woulda lobbied for a 15s increase rather than 30s, but I'm sure BW is done touching it now.

Again, this is the 2nd boss guys...Let's see how the TFB 'fix' is looking, maybe that one will be the new gut check.