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So we have:

June July August September October

Asking to make a fight easier is like smoking. You want it but in the end it's bad for you when you look at the bigger picture. Remember a nerf means content is now slightly easier. Which means you are going to blow through content that much faster. Which also increases the chances of you getting bored sooner once you've cleared "everything." Hopefully we can get content fast enough to keep up with the nerfing of fights that are supposed to keep us busy while we wait on the next PVE content. By "supposed to keep us busy" i mean, farming the instance for gear for a couple of weeks. NiM WH, HM DG, NiM Op9, NiM Keph, HM TFB(no bug). By doing this, any guild, can clear NiM TFB (assuming they don't die to mechanics). It just takes time.

Its not quantifiable but if you end up getting bored in several weeks remember the forums asked for nerfs to make that Operation easier. If they had kept NiM DG the same, that could have given you.. maybe 2-3 more weeks of farming before ultimately getting burned out of the instsance

which we have been raiding since September 26, 2012. It's now July 26, 2013...
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