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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The Republic is in trouble, not least because the player known as CINERATOR has landed on the planet TYTHON. An absolute and utter terror, his temper tantrums are the bane of an entire species called the FLESH RAIDERS. The JEDI ORDER is in chaos, unable to contain his greatness.

But a new entity has stepped forth from the shadows. The guild known as PAX GAMING, dedicated to containing such problem gamers as CINERATOR, issued a challenge he could not resist. Join their organization or be annihilated. But not really. Because they're a cool guild, and cool guilds don't threaten people like that.

So CINERATOR applied to join PAX DOMINUS, the Republic side of PAX GAMING. He's toyed with the idea of falling to the Dark Side and joining PAX IMPERIUS, but he's having too much fun with his Jedi Sentinel. Because two lightsabers are better than anything else. And PAX GAMING is better than anything other than two lightsabers. The Galaxy may never be the same...
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