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Whew! Apologies for slow output, the inspiration hasn't been much with me of late...but.......

On MONDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and KHEM VAL.

T7-01: Today = visitor // children = welcome Thana Vesh
A slender woman in black armor stalks in and looks around. One eye is heavily tattooed; even her ponytail has an air of rage.
THANA VESH: Hello, worms. My master, Darth Gravus, has sent me to seek additional apprentices for me to kill. I mean, for him to train.
BABY ASHARA: I'm not sure I like the sound of that.
THANA VESH: I don't see how else I'm supposed to stay entertained while Gravus is off working. Now, children. If you come with me you will have the chance to train with your passions, develop your strength, and ultimately get crushed by me because I'm better than you.
BABY XALEK and BABY ASHARA exchange looks.
BABY XALEK: I've heard that one before.
THANA VESH: Oh? From who?
BABY XALEK: Doesn't matter. He's dead now.
BABY XALEK grins toothily behind his mask.
BABY KIRA, stage whispering to a terrified-looking BABY GUSS: He actually just Force-fuzzed the guy's hair until he broke and went to a different daycare center. Xalek hates killing stuff.
BABY PIERCE, stroking his chin: So what’s your policy on Force-blind ‘pprentices?
THANA VESH: Are you serious?
THANA VESH Force pushes BABY PIERCE across the room, slamming him into the opposite wall. BABY ASHARA cries out and charges. THANA VESH pushes her away as well, hard enough to knock her limp.
BABY PIERCE: Now you're interesting.
BABY PIERCE darts to the corner, grabs a ruler, and charges at THANA VESH. T7-01 squeals and wheels to stand between them, sending BABY PIERCE sprawling.
T7-01: Thana Vesh = stop this at once // Sith = terrible guests
THANA VESH: Oh, shut up.
THANA VESH draws her lightsaber but doesn’t manage to get in a swing, because KHEM VAL walks over and lifts THANA VESH by the scruff of the neck.
KHEM VAL: Daycare policy is to not physically assault the staff.
BABY ASHARA, from the floor: I resent the exclusivity of that policy.
KHEM VAL, ignoring her: Select your fellow apprentice and be gone. Or I could just devour you here.
BABY PIERCE and BABY XALEK, leaning forward: Oooohh.
THANA VESH: Hmph. You’re all unworthy anyway. Now put me down.
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