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The patch notes don't say that the achievements will be fixed for those who are already broken (APAC), they just say from now on it won't break.

Are our achievements still being fixed tonight? And *how* are they being fixed? Will it just fix the broken ones? Will it erase ones we've gotten since? Will partial ones we have achieved since transfer now be reduced by the number of toons we transferred?

If we don't know how the fix is supposed to work, how will we know if it's acted correctly?

For example...

Dance with 10, 100, 1000 womprats

You had danced with 5 before transfer (1/10, 1/100, 1/1000)
You transfer 10 toons, you get the bug
You have 50/10, 50/100 and 50/1000
The first one is bugged (10), the other still work

Since transfer, you dance with 50 more womprats
50/10 is still bugged, no change
But you now have 100/100 = achievement is complete
And you have 100/1000

What will the fix do? Possibly options I can see...

A) Divide everything by number of toons: 5/10, 20/100, 20/1000
Does completed achievement break or reset? Do you lose the work you've done since transfer?

B) Divide partial achievements only: 5/10, 100/100, 20/1000
You lose some of the work you've done since transfer, but not completed achievements

C) Reset of any partially completed: 0/10, 100/100, 0/1000
You've lost all your work if it wasn't completed

D) Divide only broken achievements (i.e. anything over the total required): 5/10, 100/100, 100/1000
Best solution because the broken stuff is fixed, you don't lose any completed and you have actually gained from the bug (100/1000, even though you'd done 55).

E) Another option...

I'd really like to know how this is supposed to be implemented so I know if it is fixed properly for me. If there is an exploit, please add it to patch notes after the patch is deployed. Otherwise, unless it is D, I'm gonna have to put in a ticket for whatever has been lost cos I won't know if it's deliberate.
oooorrr: I have another option that would be impossible but nice ==> all those achievements that are currently reading well and above requirements but not marked 'complete' should be automatically marked as 'Complete' and the intermediate ones before it also completed out of your generosity and niceness Bioware(??) <3
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