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I think the answer there is to tune the other bosses to a similar challenge level rather than nerf to get things lined up.
On wanting more people to be able to clear content - story mode was made for those who just want to see the content and mechanics and don't really want the maximum challenge. Hard mode is for those who like a challenge, at least on release. And Nightmare is for a select audience, those who want a true, nearly impossible challenge.

I'm of the understanding that a large amount of the former SWTOR player base left due to the lack of challenging raid content so I think nerfing is also a negative business decision.
Like I said, I want all the bosses to be challenging, but given guilds were killing Operator/Kephess in less than 5 pulls when DG required 100+, the dev team probably wanted it to be at least a little easier than it was. I doubt the decision was based on threads on this forum.