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Quote: Originally Posted by Nostramas View Post
Now that they are fixing DG, lets put all this nonsense behind us about skipping and colors.

If you feel the urge to change any colors or add asterisk's, Feel free to add it to Suckafish for the well deserved clear before Tonight's patch.

Firstly, please understand that I'm not picking a fight with youwith my following comments, but I have to put it out there that I am against that type of outlook on tonight's nerfing of DGs. Players should do less QQing and practice their asses off to earn the DG kill. The changes only make for a cheaper level of players who rather QQ than put in the work. How are raiders ever supposed to get better if they scream for nerfs everytime they run into a challenge. In addition, why strip away the prestige of a full clear guild because others spend more time crying about the impossible boss??? How is this supposed to create or maintain the highest level of competition in PVE?

Players should not ask for nerfs, they should ask for greater challenges that require more skill and time, even for world 1st and 2nd guilds. This probably includes internal testing of new operations and modes instead of going to the PTS... but I guess BW and EA are too cheap to want to pay their employees to do that.
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