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If this doesn't make it live, expect a glorious day on the forums tomorrow.

Eveni if it does go live, expect a glorious day in the forums.

If character transfer does not make it live... it will be rant-a-saurus_rex in the forums about how "Bioware iz fail!"

If character transfer does make it live... it will still be rant-a-saurus_rex in the forums, but it will center on "how dare they go live with that price!" and/or "how dare they not offer a bulk discount... we told them we wanted a bulk discount!!"
Negativity achieves nothing positive or productive. It's hostile and it reveals a persons true character. It's a useless and miserable way to spend one's time, IMO ... but some people like being miserable I guess. This is true in real life and it is true inside MMOs.