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I've mentioned it elsewhere, but a possible reason for the extreme mail lag, gtn lag, and loading time lag, is that so many people are on and sending credits and gear via mail back and forth between lowbie alts which also requires a lot of logging in and out between characters.

1. Make a single wallet for all characters on an account per server and you will drop a big chunk of mail and logging in and out of characters. This would make the game less annoying as well.

2. With the current UI there is space for two more cargo bay tabs. Make one more tab for each character and then make a legacy cargo bay tab. In the legacy tab you can only put unbound and legacy bound items. Players could put buffs, xp boosts, lowbie gear/mods/etc, and other leveling items in the legacy tab. This would again save a lot of mail usage and logging in and out.

3. There is no where near enough room in one cargo bay for all the crafting materials you need for even just one crafting skill. So using the legacy tab for crafting materials wouldn't be that helpful. Make it so crafting materials on all characters can be used while crafting on any one character. Again, this will result in much less mail usage and logging in and out of characters.

4. Remove the mail step from the GTN. If you buy something, it goes directly into your inventory. If someone purchases an item before you, you don't have to go all the way over to the mailbox to find out your purchase was unsuccessful. Just create a pop-up that says the item has already been purchased and remove it from the gtn search results. This will result in less mail load.

5a. Reduce the amount of time people spend on the GTN. Intended result of idea: If I search for armor > medium, I only want to see a single listing for each unique item, and that listing should be the cheapest currently on the GTN. For many items there might be 10 or 15 pages of mostly duplicate items. With this feature those 10-15 pages could be reduced to 1-3 item listings. If there are multiple items at the same lowest price they could all be listed, but this would still reduce the results considerably. Items at different quantities could be treated as unique, but they should display the cost per item so we don't have to tab out to use a calculator, e.g, if the quantity is 34 and the price is 53,950, it should note the per item cost is 1587 (rounded up). Method: add a checkbox filter that says something like, "[x] Show only cheapest unique items".

5b. Make companion gifts easier to search for with a dropdown search filter for type, e.g., weapon or technology.

5c. Make crafting missions easier to search for by making a level search filter, e.g., 450.

6. Find ways to reduce load time on particularly bad planets like Tatooine.

7. If load times are lagging and you try to enter an op instance, there is no indication that you are loading. You can still move around. Make some immediate indication that you are transitioning into the instance, even if it is going to take 2 minutes to begin.
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