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Hi there Harbinger residents,

I wanted to step in and make sure that you know that we're aware that there were some issues with performance and access on your server over the past couple of nights. We are investigating what's caused this and apologize for the inconvenience; if we're able to provide you with any new information, we'll be sure to post a follow up.

Thanks for your understanding!

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I appreciate the post Amber.

I think it is important though to note that this is a recurring issue with Harbinger. Every time something goes live that draws high player populations into the server, it begins a slow death spiral of progressively greater issues (as listed above). It happened during the earlier double XP weekends, it happened with a fair amount of regularity once ROTHC went live (for several weeks) and it happened several times this last double XP weekend.

The server does not even hit FULL status before this chronic debilitating performance degradation sets in.

Based on other comments I have read in community support forum, it's also not just Harbinger.

A true root cause analysis and remedy is required because it is clear that the server is not able to manage the population loading allowed into it.
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