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06.24.2013 , 09:00 AM | #7
Hello. It was very laggy indeed.

Mailboxes wouldn't send mail out till 2 or 3 mins later.
I couldn't get mail in same fashion. Took few minutes to show up and longer still to get item if at all.
Loading to character select took like 5 times longer than normal.
When getting on ship shuttle etc. I would be able to run around for min before it would actually load.
My companion wasn't showing his buffs (could be another reason like a bug).
GTN I could post for sale one item second would not post.

Also I couldn't purchase Improved speeder training III with cartel coins. Kept giving error. I was finally able to however last night.

So basically I avoided using the GTN and Mail which kinda sucked since i needed to give my lower lvl alt items money for the double xp weekend.

I noticed several posts in customer support all weekend regarding this. Never saw a response from BW. Kinda lamers. They reply to some mundane bs posts but not the important ones.

They should extend our double xp ! Alot of peeps got short end of stick. Boooo