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06.23.2013 , 11:35 PM | #9
I think they still haven't worked out how they want to do it.

I suggested to them to just give 1000 CC instead, so those that want it can get it themselves (and those that want to spend it on something else can do that). It would save them the trouble of distributing 1 rename to each account as it would save them a lot of effort.

It's already been delayed once, can happen a lot more often still. And they probably chose to forget about it altogether.

Also, the page has been overwritten I believe as it used to be on the 2.1 game update page? Which was ninja edited to say it'd come in June and is since replaced by the 2.2 announcement. But they still have almost a week, don't think they'll keep their word though.

If they fail to deliver I'll just send in a ticket out of principle and again suggest they give 1000 CC instead, I suggest everyone does that in July. Maybe then they'll wake up at the office somewhere, however doubtful.