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06.23.2013 , 10:44 PM | #2
Supposedly your claim to get the name is working as intended.
That other person had it earlier or activated it earlier than you.

First come first serve.

I really think they're nameing convention is less than desired in cases like this (I had to switch my name that I had since beta and beyond (even in other mmo's (swg10yrs ago) when my server merged with a few others back.
So my "legacy" that was know with the name, had to be reworked and that other guy got alot of random tells if he was me or not(be if good or ill)

Generally speaking unless you get hold of the person who "took your name" and get him to consent to a namechange, then get hold of Bioware support to change it for you then you cant do nothing.

I just wish they had had a better nameing policy.