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Every argument you can make for premades being in the same queue with solo players are arguments you could make to raise the limit of premades from 4 to 8. Why can't 5- 8 people form a group and queue for warzones? This is a mmo and friends should all be able to play together after all. Why should they have to suffer long queue times just because they had enough gumption to form a 5-8 team? This is a social game. Discussing strategy among themselves is part of the game. They should not have to endure any longer queue times than the rest of the players.
agreed. BUT, thats what the ranked queue is for. And if this is what the premades really want, then they should all be pushing for a non-ranked premade queue. But most premade folks don't want competetion, they want their out-of-game communication advantage (which is huge) and rofl-stomping to pump their stats up...