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12.21.2011 , 10:55 PM | #82
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A profession that prints its own money is a bad idea. I sit on my ship and send my companions out on Slicing missions while I'm watching TV.

Slicing will always be impossible to balance. Nerf too hard and you've created a useless profession. Buff too high, and credits become meaningless.
Slicing missions arent guaranteed its possible to get less then you spent on the mission.

Unless it gets bigger later im only seeing small gains on the missions and usually look for the boxes in game. Granted if i find a box just outside my range line on Tat ill send em all on missions so i can grab it or come back to it shortly. im making way more on Missions (quests not npc missions) then slicing.

Eventually ill prob end up dropping it for scavenging so i can start working on Cybertech.