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I do a lot of sparring with Jaesa on Fridays, while Quinn evaluates and referees us. Sometimes I let apprentices and other hopefuls join in the competition, let them have a few pointers that might give them an advantage against some Jedi forces. After that's done I take Vette out to dinner, if she's back from whatever heist she *has* to go do with her old gang. They sometimes come back with her, which is always fun, but I prefer it when we're alone together.

Pierce and Broonmark prefer to keep to themselves, even on Fridays. Well, Pierce prefers to hang out with whatever commandos he can find at the local pub, often Republics. I don't reprimand him for it, but Quinn disapproves, even though Pierce is a higher ranking. I think the only reason he hasn't done something already is the fact the Lieutenant often uses the time to gather intel and undermine his Republic compatriots... even if he is having fun with them as well.

After everything's quieted down, I often find myself looking out over the landscape from the top of whatever Imperial base I'm working at. Sometimes I'm considering battle tactics and planning out the war against the Republic. Other times, I'm worried about Vette and whatever quest she's doing. I was kinda misleading earlier, while she goes off promoting Twi'lek pride stuff a lot, other times she's doing things to help me out. It can get pretty dangerous when she's working with the local underworld to get resources for my warmongering. I know she can take care of herself, but... it still bothers me sometimes.

Surprisingly enough it's Broonmark who notices it. He'll distract me with his own problems over the clan that he once cared so much about disgracefully allying itself with the Republic. We'll go out hunting together to work off the stress. He's not the happiest guy but he always has my back.

Sorry, was this only about Friday nights? I could talk about my crew all day, they've been my loyal supporters through everything and I've grown used to living with them...