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Great challenge, great players, great video
I also did the Droid pre2.0 in NM with my scoundrel partner.
We didn't tried the other bosses but now I want to try

Yodelhnir (Mantle of the force - EU)
Yeah 2-man is definitely a challenging, fun, and sometimes agonizing experience. Although in the end, it was really satisfying to finish the whole Operation on HM.

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Ok, me and a buddy are attempting this, but keep getting shafted on Gharj because the adds always beeline toward the Mando/Merc. How did you guys deal with them, because I see them always go straight for the Mara in your videos.
A lot of the time the adds came straight to me (I'm the Mara btw ), although in the event that they went after Marisi (Merc) A dual saber throw through them usually brought them to me, and then from there Marisi just used DFA and wipe them out. If this doesn't seem to be working, maybe try getting the healer to use agro drops at this time if they are not using them already. Best of luck to you guys! Any questions feel free to ask!