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Some one please tell me that there's another way to gain Valor points. Every round I only get like 1/4 of a notch. I'm guessing Valor now has been nerfed? It's taken me two months just to get from V51 to V52, is there a another way to get valor for those of up who don't like PvP?
I dunno, would you gain reduced valor unsubbed like you gain reduced everything else? Moot if you're subbed, but just throwing it out there. EDIT: Derp, if you're posting here I guess you must be subbed. Never mind.

To piggyback on this necro a bit, I am Valor 30 at level 30, but I also do PvE/Flashpoints to level. Assuming I do a good bit of PvP but also do my story missions and flashpoints, would I be "on target" for having Valor 40 (to start converting WZ comms) early enough?
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