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Interesting approach there funkiestj.

I thought I was pretty clear that one input action must equal only one action in game, but obviously not - so please find below red X's next to the correct answers.

I suspect the confusion comes from our different (?) definitions of "one action in game". To me "on action in game" means "one instant , cast or channelled ability is activated". I.e. by my understanding use case #1 is allowed because every time the user presses the '1' key, exactly one of {dispatch | guardian slash | strike} abilities gets invoked (i.e. does damage). CAVEAT: if no target is selected or in range then no ability is invoked.

I'm not sure what definition of "one action in game" is that results in use case #1 being prohibited.

Perhaps your definition of "one action in game" is "one keyboard key pressed never results in more than one keycode or mouse click event being sent to SWTOR". Mouse button clicks can map to keycode events and vice versa but there can never be a "one real world event (mouse click) becomes multiple software events (keycodes 1, 2, 3, right button click) being sent".

Too me, allowing use case 4 but disallowing use case 2 makes about as much sense as allowing voice chat but prohibiting a macro that sends "incoming west" in ops chat. (I.e. no sense at all)

Given that I am unable to follow your logic, developing a body of precedents I can refer to is exceedingly valuable to me.

RAZER NAGA COMMENTARY: I'm pretty sure that, given time, I can develop macros based on use case 4 using autohotkey. All useful macro features of the Razer Naga (and related products) are useless IMO. They are not capable of use case 4. All interesting uses of the Naga involve a single key/button press translating into multiple software events. E.g. pressing '1' on the mouse thumbpad sends keycodes for "123" in rapid succession.

If you can think of an interesting use of the Razer Naga's macro facility that is also allowed by the ToS please give an example!

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