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It's fairly easy to tell if players are using macros since they move faster than a human can possibly do so. (A macro will stroke the "I" "N" "C" "space" "w" "e" "s" "t" key faster than a human can possibly ever do) but how are you going to measure their voice-chat?
It is possible to create macros (e.g. a respec macro) that act at human speeds. Heck, I can even create a macro that puts some randomness in the delay between keycode events that are sent. My understanding of the ToS is that these are also prohibited. These would probably be harder to detect.

E.g. if I could record several attempts at respeccing from DPS to tank (including gear change), select the fastest and then play back an exact recording at the press of a single key that would most definitely be more convenient that actually respeccing manually each time. It is also a clear violation of the ToS.

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