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voice chat with tactical chatter >>> macros for "inc g" et cetera > typing "inc g" ops chat.

So, the comparatively huge advantage of voice chat is acceptable per ToS but the (comparatively) moderate advantage of a "inc g" ops chat macro is verboten? Ooooh kaaaaay.

Perhaps you will surprise me by being logically consistent and tell me that using teamspeak (or other voice chat) to communicate tactical information ("incoming west") is also violation of the ToS.
I am aware this is for the Dev should they choose to comment but...

As others have stated Voice chat does nothing to modify/interact with the game. You simply can't tell people "Hey, you can't talk on your phone" while they play a game. You'd also have to tell people they can't be in the same room.

Also, it would near impossible to tell if someone is on voice chat. It's fairly easy to tell if players are using macros since they move faster than a human can possibly do so. (A macro will stroke the "I" "N" "C" "space" "w" "e" "s" "t" key faster than a human can possibly ever do) but how are you going to measure their voice-chat?
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