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So a number of people have asked about text macros. A couple of others (even on reddit!) have mentioned 'colour detection to determine which action to take' systems. I even saw a questions about sequence clicking... I even saw claims that we can't detect anything and won't do a thing about this issue.

I'll address all four...

Text Macros
Strictly speaking, text macro's are against the ToS. If its for emotes etc and isn't being used as a way to advise others of an impending attack in a Warzone (inc snow! for example), then we will turn a blind eye to an extent. If you fire off emotes too many times in quick succession of course then you will get evaluated for if you are spamming.

One click 'enter chat, type 'inc snow!', hit enter' text macros designed to warn others is completely against the ToS. You need to make a decision - do I take the time to type 'inc snow' to the ops group, or do I just keep fighting this person... Think of it as an evaluation on if you are using a tool that gives you an unfair advantage over somebody not using that same tool.
So does this also forbid pre-typing incoming calls manually? For example typing "inc snow" in ops chat right after taking a node, when it is still clear, then clicking away from the chat window to save the incoming call in the window, ready to be used simply by hitting enter (and maybe adding a number) at will. Planning ahead would certainly seem to convey the same kind of "unfair advantage" of not having to fight and type inc calls at the same time as a text macro might.

Just sayin.'
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