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How can pick up groups/random warzone groups get even with premades that use teamspeak/ventrilo/other VoIP programs then? There is hardly enough time to pass voice server data around at the beginning of a warzone. If premades would never be matched against pickup groups, this wouldn't be a problem, but nowadays you even get premades of guilds with voice communication in the sub-level 30 warzone brackets which completely kills the fun.
Are people that use Teamspeak/Ventrilo/etc. to gain an advantage over other players also in violation of the TOS?

Also, some people with certain disabilities that don't have as many fingers may have to use macros with multiple keystrokes in order to even be able to play the game. Will they be punished as well? It certainly wouldn't surprise me, since you have even neglected to implement the long-promised color blind mode, gamma slider, brightness and contrast controls (which were present during beta and some even until Game Update 1.4 in the live game), the in-game macro/scripting system, chat bubbles and other accessibility options so far...
Wait... what?

Are you saying that you need a macro to type 1 inc snow to keep up with premades? Cause you are either going to see the guy coming, or he is stealthed and you're about to be CC'd for at least 2 seconds to type.

As for the handicapped, while I do sympathize with the issues they face in attempting to play a game, there is no handicapped sign to hang on your dashboard in this game. BW would have to require those who claim this to submit medical documentation to prove they should be allowed to use macros. Then they would have to establish a standard for what would and wouldn't be considered a necessity to play. And that sure as hell ain't happening.

No macros, ever, is the best line to set.
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