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One click 'enter chat, type 'inc snow!', hit enter' text macros designed to warn others is completely against the ToS. You need to make a decision - do I take the time to type 'inc snow' to the ops group, or do I just keep fighting this person... Think of it as an evaluation on if you are using a tool that gives you an unfair advantage over somebody not using that same tool.
Playing devil's advocate here, but perhaps the following is something to think about:

Are people that use third party Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Skype/etc. to gain an advantage over other players also in violation of the TOS as well (some may remember that there was anti-voice-communication code in place during beta)? People using voice communication don't even have to press a single key when fighting to tell their team "Incoming Snow" and they can even use longer sentences, like "Five people Incoming at Snow, three Marauders, one Sorcerer and one mercenary. Possibly a Stealther, too!" which takes zero downtime away from fighting for them. For a regular player, typing this up would mean he's dead before he can finish the sentence. But with voice communication he may just be able to hold them off long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

On the same token, what about people that sit in the same room (on a LAN party or whatever) while playing and actually talk to each other without any lag?

Also, is copying and pasting text into the chat window not allowed either? If one that guards snow copies the string /ops Incoming Snow! into their clipboard and pastes it into the chat window, would that be a violation of the TOS as well? Copy & Paste is an OS function and technically "third party" as well since the OS isn't published by EA/Bioware. Also, once you have written it down, you can always use up or down cursors to bring up the text again and quickly re-submit it in chat.

How can pick up groups/random warzone groups possibly get even with premades that use Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Skype/other VoIP programs? There is hardly enough time to pass voice server data around at the beginning of a warzone. If premades would never be matched against pickup groups, this wouldn't be as much of a problem, but nowadays you even get premades of guilds with voice communication in the sub-level 30 warzone brackets that most often go against random groups which completely kills the fun as they just waltz over any random groups with ease and also cause those players in random groups that get their first taste of PVP to never enter a warzone again in disgust.

Also, some people with certain disabilities that don't have as many fingers may have to use macros with multiple keystrokes in order to even be able to play the game and get somewhere near competitiveness. Will they be punished as well? It certainly wouldn't surprise me if they would, since you have even neglected to implement the long-promised color blind mode, gamma slider, brightness and contrast controls (which were present during beta and some even until Game Update 1.4 in the live game), the in-game macro/scripting system, chat bubbles, built-in voice communication and other accessibility options so far...

Again, just playing devil's advocate on the topic of techniques that enhance communication and playability here. But it's certainly food for thought.