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Yesterday, a friend (guardian tank) and I (commando dps) were running story mode Cademimu. The flashpoint itself went well, but the healer (a sage, free-to-play too) rolled need on EVERY. SINGLE. DROP.

We asked him to stop rolling on stuff that he couldn't wear,. He said "okay", and didn't stop.

The wookiee boss dropped a strength piece my friend could make use of, so he and I both rolled need on it. The sage DPS asked why we were rolling need, I said "tank actually needs it and heals won't stop needing. If I get it i'm giving it to the tank." The sage dps needed on it as well.
The healer won the roll. He said he'd give it to the tank, but didn't. Whatever, he's free-to-play, stuff happens. We told him to stop needing on everything. He said "okay" again (but he didn't stop).

He ended up dying on the last boss because he didn't think to run out of the flames, but I threw an occasional Kolto Bomb and we made it through unscathed.

When the boss died, we all thought that since the healer was dead (and died again by aggroing trash on his way back) he wouldn't be able to roll, so we all greeded (it was a cunning drop; none of us had any use for it).

Then the timer kept ticking. And ticking. And with just a few seconds left, the healer rolled Need on it.

That sage won every aim, cunning, and strength item that dropped in the flashpoint.
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