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06.21.2013 , 11:08 AM | #332
Met the most special DPS *ever* in a D7 HM yesterday that I was healing. Was a level 55 sorc with ~17k HP.

It took him about 10 minutes just to enter the FP, even asked us to "resend the invite" because he missed it due to being in combat. When he did enter, he couldn't find the path to get to us, so I had to go back and lead him across the tower we downed. So at this point I know he has never done this, so I explain every single boss mechanic in chat before we pull.

First boss, I notice something odd...a relative lack of purple lightning. So I set my focus target to him to see what he was actually doing.

His entire DPS "rotation" consisted of lightning storm (the expensive AoE) about every 10 to 20 seconds, which he would frequently interrupt before it finished. And wandering around the area. And making sure he bubbled himself any time the debuff wore off. And the *very* occasional lightning strike. His lightning storms would usually land on a single target...and he frequently started one *after* we had exited combat.

On Bulwark, he waited until AFTER the green shield was active before his first attack. He finally did click the panel to remove the shield after it was up for about 20 seconds, and after I had given up and ran in to click it myself. Again, I had explained the shield mechanics, and the whole "cannot damage him with shield up" part, before we pulled. He spent the next minute not doing anything...except refreshing his bubble.

On Interrogator, he would lightning storm the clone...and then just wander around waiting for the next one. And bubble himself.

At one point on Mentor, we were all fighting at the left turret, and I see him diagonally across the room near a power core. It isn't active, there are no mini-turrets there, and he's not being harassed by the claw. He is just slowly wandering around, moving a few steps at a time...not hitting or doing anything.

But he did have a fresh bubble applied.